1. Tricia Holbrook says:

    Here now! Greatly exceeded my expectations. Beautiful water, delicious food.

    • Darren Whiting says:

      Hello we are driving there tomorrow looks amazing we was goin to go to Myra ruins but this looks like it cld b a whole day my b a stop over??? We mite take some clothes just incase 👌👌

  2. Noah JB says:

    What company did you rent the car from and did you park in Kas?

    • Shelbi Okumura says:

      We rented from Sixt at the Dalaman Airport. Parked at our hotel, and when we went into town, parked in the paid lot.

  3. Jarrad says:

    Hi, would you recommend any other towns to stay near Kas for 3-4 nights after visiting here?

  4. Elizabeth A Sucher says:

    Hello! we’d like to visit Kas after going to cappadocia when we visit in september 2024. what’s the best transportation option do you think? a friend from Turkey suggested an overnight bus but it seems to be a very long ride – is there another option you’d recommend? Thank you!

  5. Tarin Wilson says:

    I am spending 6 nights between Kas/Kastellorizo in early June and trying to determine best plan because the ferry timing back to Kas means I need to come back from Kastellorizo the night before and it’s breaking up the stay. Would love your thoughts on this plan:
    Thurs arrival at Dalaman. Rent car drive to Kas
    Thurs & Friday: Stay in Kas
    Sat, Sun & Mon night in Kastellorizo (4pm Ferry on Tues)
    Tues night in Kas

    In the end it’s only one full day in Kas because the ferry isn’t until the afternoon. I wanted to see Kaputas Beach, Old Town and, if possible, Saklikent Gorge but now i don’t think I have enough time. Thank you, Tarin

    • Bucket List Bums says:

      I would suggest more time in Kas than on Kasterllorizo, especially if you want to visit Kaputas and the Gorge!

  6. Anwyesha Panigrahi says:

    I am looking for modes to reach Suluada island from Kas. I am afraid, unlike Antalya, I do not find any day trips from Kas.
    Any suggestions apart from self drive will be helpful.

  7. Lauren says:

    Hi I’m staying in Kas for 2 weeks in June. I won’t have a car just wondering how many beach clubs are accessible in the port of Kas and how pricey are the ferries to the beach clubs on the islands.

    • Bucket List Bums says:

      I’m not sure on ferry and taxi prices because we had a car. There are a couple beach clubs that you can access via a long walk, but others you need to rent a scooter or take a taxi.

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