1. Hello administrator, Well done!

  2. Jane Buchanan says:

    Can you recommend a private hire company for a transfer from Porto princess to el nido we are a group of 4 travelling in January

  3. James says:

    Loved this and super helpful for a trip I’m planned later this year

  4. Latisha Sykes says:

    Absolutely loved this information, probably the most valuable that I’ve read so far! Thank you 😊

  5. PHILIPP says:

    Spectacular! Never was a tourist in the homeland, so using this to guide a 2-weeker from Vancouver, Canada. Thanks so much for sharing. Go Philippines!

  6. Dayananda Babu Kora says:

    Wonderful and great information.
    Really thrilled to read this itinerary.
    We are planning 15 days back pack trip to Philippines, during February 2024.
    Is it okay to tour Philippines during February?
    We are budget travellers.
    Can you suggest me some good Hostel for stay at Philippines please.

    • Shelbi Okumura says:

      February is a great time to visit! I don’t have any hostel recommendations, I haven’t stayed at hostels in The Philippines. Maybe use TripAdvisor or Hostel World to source a few out!

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